Monday, March 17, 2008


#1 : Driving a car is fun! But driving a road roller aint that much fun! You just have to go front and come back again and again!! Boring....

#2 : Fishes cant attempt suicide by jumping into a water body, cos they are already in water!! So no suicide possible!!

#3 : However friendly you are with a girl, she still remains a girl. :| ( Not literally)

#4 : For a guy, his gf is more important than his friends!! :| I dunno about girls :|

#5 : There is no use thinking more than this at this point of time cos nothing really strikes me!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dont be a Jack

The past 1 month was a test of my endurance to what life can offer me!! Luckily i have passed the test, but i have failed in one aspect.... The aspect of how i am!!

I am writing this post on a very emotional day...Infact the previous week was really tough!! Tough to the extent that people started asking, "why are you like this??", people started hating me, people started to ignore me!! Emotionally i am drained..... Even at this point of time i am thinking whether or not to pen down this post.... Its better to just push out everything that i have within and then have a good nights sleep...

Life has been a teacher to me... The fact is that i realize everything only after experiencing it.... Whether it is happiness or emotional breakdowns or pain.... Once a friend of mine asked me a question..... "Hows life???", and i replied " Its cool"..... and he said "Thats weird!! People usually tell me life sucks!!". At that instant i did not realize how complex life can become....

Realization strikes me that i am just one of those thousands of youngsters who dream....who enjoy....and who face trouble!!!

Well..... Its actually better if a person can be on either of the 2 sides..... The first side, where the guy is intelligent enough to be on top, to utilize every possible resource and turns out to be successful in all his attempts!!! Thus he is supreme, extremely content and versatile in all ways.... A master!!

The other side is a side of being in a state of jolly go lucky.... One who could say " I dont give a damn" very easily!! One who knows nothing but actually doesnt care about it!!! Bliss for him indeed!!

But sadly there is another category, that acts as a fence between these 2 sides!! These are the people who are like cats on the wall!! Neither are they a master nor a fool!! And sadly enough, these are the people who fail miserably....Who are hurt when they fail and who get a lot of disappointments. I am one of those......... A jack!!

Being a master is something special! Not everyone can or will be able to achieve it!! But i always ask myself a question, "Why do people always go to the master??". Is it that the jacks know nothing!! No way.... Its just that they know only something and not everything.... Its just that they dont express it...But after all, who cares!!

Whatever one does, he ought to become an expert in that...Or at least strive to be one!!! Makes life simple..... happy..... content.....

Tough times!!!


Sunday, March 2, 2008


My Triolet,

I have fallen in love
And I feel the pain;
I dont know why
I have fallen in love,
I have to let go
I have to forget,
I have fallen in love
And i fell the pain.

- Phoenix

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Melody named Rhythm '08

Well, after a long time "Im Back"!!

This time, i have something solid to blog on!! The title to this post might not be very apt... It wasnt actually a melody!! It was actually a fusion of rock, hip-hop and hard work by the members of Youth Red Cross!!! I wanted to be a part of the organizing committee and through Rhythm '08, i could achieve that :) :) In fact all my friends Neeraj, Vishvam, Pradeep, Gautham, Navaneethan and Saravana had very important roles to play!!

1 week of hard work and sleepless nights ( i mean it!) did prove to be worthy!! The visit to NMB at 4.30 AM was a sooper experience!! Made friends with a lot of seniors... Work combined with fun is exactly how the entire preparation went on!!

The cine remix that was planned to be showcased was one disappointment!! They refused to play it on screen!! But as far as the remix is concerned, it is the best ever!! Kudos to the entire team for their effort!!

The final 2 days were very hectic!! Stage set up work.... write ups....Flash presentations... Other minor preparations etc etc ....

Now, i could actually say that i have driven across the avanashi road stretch at all hours possible!! I went back home at 5.00 in the morning the day before the show!! Entire nights work was absolutely tiring!!

hmmm... And this time i did something that i never expected!! I framed the Tag line for Rhythm...

Rhythm '08.... Service for Eternal Glory

And i also framed the lines to be printed on the T shirt ( limited edition) :P.... And the lines are...

Hybrid theory
a Spirited Initiative
to emphasize,
Everyones blood is

I dont know how others find these lines!! None gave me any comments about these except a few YRC Members.... Anyways i am happy with it!!

Rhythm '08 is one event that i would always bear in mind!! A happy memory to cherish!!


Monday, February 4, 2008


I sit in front of the screen at exactly 10.14 (+5.30 GMT) to put down some of the recent happenings!! Munbe va, the ever melodious song is what i chose to play at the moment...

hmmm...Let me see... The past few days have made me realize my ignorance on a few aspects of life that are important...And by important i mean those that are important to me!! Ignorance is definitely not bliss.... Its just being foolish!! Im happy that i am out of it currently!! Not entirely but to some extent!! :) "My period of temporary insanity is over." I quote Sharanyans words....

Ok now moving on to Kriya 08!! Wow..Wow...Wow . Frankly speaking i did not expect so many people to turn out!! But they did... And 3 days of rollicking fun!! Wished i was an organizer or an event co-coordinator of some sort!! Anyways, i could at least take a lil pride on the fact that i could MC for the Inauguration...

Root Kriya, turned out to be a stupendous event!! Kudos to the Team!!

I missed out on the Spot trading event that i wished to participate. Did not participate in any event actually!! I just turned out to be a volunteer( partly though)

Neeraj and Vishvam do a lot of work indeed!! Kudos for their efforts in their own fields...

I wish i had better health during the 3 days!! :(

The lecture by Jimmy Wales was one part that i did not wish to miss!! Unfortunately i could only attend half of the session....Liked his opinion about the search results of Google and Yahoo!!

Had Espresso after the Jimmy Wales session!! Tasted like nothing...Cant explain!! Cos it dint have sugar in it!! But so very wanted to taste it!! Turned out to be good for my headache!!

Kriya 08, Success raised to the power of Infinity.... Another Kudos to the entire team!!

Waiting for Renaissance 08 and Rhythms 08!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Birthday 08 Part 1 :)

January 18, 2008 :)

My birthday....Happy Birthday to me!!

And this post is just for the few who wished me at the stroke of 12...

# Neeraj
# Pradeep
# Mary Brinda

Thank You so much guys....This small gesture mattered a lot!!

And of course I cannot forget Sanu for her cute gift!! Liked it....

And last but not the least, My wonderful wonderful parents for all that they have done for me to make this day very special!!! Thanks is not good enough!!

Love you all!!!


A Matter of Taste

Now, first the past.... The pongal holidays are over!!

As i usually say, time has indeed opted for the express way!! Everything is so very fast. And the holidays were fun too... Had a get together with my school friends which was sooper fun! 2 days and 2 get togethers!! first one with my friends who joined me in the 11th and the second with those who were present before the 10th standard!! Memoirs 08!!

Now, you might be wondering that the title of this post doesn't match the content!! Of course it doesn't... Now comes the relevant content!!

For those who are familiar with Discovery Traveling and Living, "A Matter Of Taste" is not unfamiliar!! And it is definitely not complete without Vir Sanghvi...

The actual name of the program is " A Matter Of Taste With Vir Sanghvi". I love watching this program...Specially cos of this most charismatic journalist!

The way he describes food is just so very heavenly!! Even the way he says the word Rice makes you wonder what speciality it has!! Words indeed express a lot of things...But when it comes to taste, words do not do much good!! But thats not true with this guy.... He has his own style...A style that makes your mouth water, eventhough its just a rice plate that he is describing!!

The entire program is packaged so beautifully....

Unhealthy is just a single word... " Make an appointment with the cardio therapist" adds some more masala to it!! Thats Vir Sanghvi for you!!

Thats it about this foody guy!! And, Morrow its the birthday of a Capricorn boy!! And i wish him a very happy birthday!!

Signing off,